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A daily superfood and multivitamin drink mix with a vegan formula backed by the nutritional science expertise of Centrum. This nutrient-dense supplement was formulated to help support healthy aging and the body’s healthy inflammatory response to activity during your active lifestyle.*

  • Ingredients inspired by the world's longest-living communities
  • Centrum’s all-in-one complete multivitamin nutrition and daily superfood blend, so you can simplify your supplement routine
  • Delicious natural tropical mango flavor loved by 3 out of 4 people surveyed^
  • Does not require refrigeration

Serving Size: One scoop (10g) | Servings per Container: 30 | $1.67 per serving



*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

0g Sugar
5g Fiber
35 Calories
8g Carbohydrate



Gluten Free

Gluten Free

Zero Sugar

Zero Sugar

No Artificial Flavors

No Artificial Flavors

No Artificial Colors

No Artificial Colors

Vegan Formula

Vegan Formula

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What’s inside the bag

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Drink daily for added vitality

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Stay active

Formulated with spirulina, vitamin C, and vitamin D3 to help support healthy aging and the body’s healthy inflammatory response to activity*

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Enjoy daily energy support

Get the B vitamins that can help fuel your cellular energy support as you maintain your active lifestyle*


Promote your immunity

Support your body’s natural resilience and take care of your immune system as you age with vitamins C, D and selenium*


Be good to your gut

Foster a healthy gut environment by promoting the growth of good bacteria in your biome to encourage proper digestion with fructooligosaccharides*


Promote brain function

Formulated with vitamins and minerals known for their role in keeping brain processes functioning, including vitamin C, B vitamins, and iodine*

Boost your strategies for aging well

Taking inspiration from the nutrition and habits of long-living residents in coastal communities around the world, Centrum Supergreens offers you a holistic approach to supporting healthy aging and the body’s healthy inflammatory response to physical activity.†*
nutrients test
Active Aging Nutrients Test
Gives you a snapshot of what’s happening with your body’s levels of key nutrients, through convenient at-home tests that help gauge your vitamin D, vitamin B12, and omega-3 levels
Supergreens daily drink mix
Complete multivitamin nutrition with ingredients that help support a healthy inflammatory response during your active lifestyle†*
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Active Aging Plan & Consult
An evaluation and action plan written for you by a Registered Dietitian, with an optional 1:1 call to dive deeper into your unique aging journey

“Inflammaging, or the type of inflammation that happens during aging, is a natural part of the lifecycle. Although complex, there are ways to help manage inflammation and age well — starting with nutrition. “

Tami Mackle MS, RDN

Medical Innovation Lead, Centrum

“A balanced diet and good nutrition can make a huge difference in our health. And when it comes to diet, no-one is perfect, a multivitamin can help fill in dietary gaps for certain nutrients. In turn, helping promote overall wellbeing as we age.”

Natalie Mazurets MS, RDN

Regulatory Lead, Centrum Innovation

“Our bodies begin aging long before external signs are visible.  Certain physiological systems can start declining in our early 30’s, making whole body support critical much sooner than people would think.  It’s never too early to start taking steps to support healthy aging.”

Dr. Allyn M. Kaufmann

R&D Innovation Lead, Centrum


†Spirulina, vitamin C, and vitamin D3 help support healthy aging and a healthy inflammatory response to activity.*
^ Based on a blind taste test of 40 people
◆Vitamins C, E, selenium, copper and manganese help protect cells from oxidative stress.*
‡Vitamin C, B vitamins, iodine, copper and manganese support cellular energy production.*
⬧Vitamins A, C, D and selenium support a healthy immune system.*
§Vitamin B6, B12 and folate support healthy metabolism.*

Not all inflammation is associated with disease states. Inflammation is also the body's normal/healthy immune response to life's daily/normal stressors such as exercise or an occasional unhealthy meal. The body's inflammatory response to life's normal stressors is important for optimal health.