Discover the secret to healthy aging

Centrum Supergreens daily superfood and multivitamin drink mix supports healthy aging and the body's healthy inflammatory response to activity.

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Get nutrients to help manage inflammaging

Inflammaging — the type of inflammation that happens during aging — can keep us from looking and feeling our best. That’s why it’s important to get the right nutrients to support a healthy inflammatory response, to help the body manage inflammaging at the cellular level. Silent but significant, the benefits of proper nutrition go a long way toward aging healthfully.

Centrum Supergreens

Formulated with science-backed ingredients that deliver 24 benefits to immunity, digestion, cells and more.*

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Science meets ancient wisdom

Centrum combined our 40+ years of nutritional science expertise with the wisdom of tradition to bring you Centrum Supergreens. Packed with good-for-you ingredients to support healthy aging, our formula is inspired by the diets of the world’s longest-living coastal communities.

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Active Aging Plan & Consult

An evaluation and action plan written for you by a Registered Dietitian, with an optional 1:1 call to dive deeper into your unique aging journey

Active Aging Nutrients Test

Active Aging Nutrients Test

Gives you a snapshot of what’s happening with your body’s levels of key nutrients, through convenient at-home tests that help gauge your vitamin D, vitamin B12, and omega-3 levels

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Centrum is the #1 doctor-recommended and #1 pharmacist-recommended multivitamin brand.

†Spirulina, vitamin C, and vitamin D3 help support healthy aging and a healthy inflammatory response to activity.*

Not all inflammation is associated with disease states. Inflammation is also the body's normal/healthy immune response to life's daily/normal stressors such as exercise or an occasional unhealthy meal. The body's inflammatory response to life's normal stressors is important for optimal health.